Thursday, December 4, 2014

The beginning of the new book

Yes, this is the beginning of my new book. After nearly a year of hard work on my new album, I can finally do some things for you. Few things, but it’s a start for 2015, which will be a great year for me and for my fans.

What I want to communicate is quite simple: on December 22, I will announce here on my blog, the title of my first single and the release date. I’m so excited to do this! You can’t even imagine!

Now, I want to clarify some rumors: no, I won’t go on tour in January. There’s not the slightest possibility of that happening. Beginning in January, I start publicizing my single and subsequently, the disclosure of my album. We’re still arguing about tour, we don’t know if it will happen – and I hope it does. And if it is confirmed, the tour will occur only at the end of 2015, when the album is already released. Ok?

No, the title of my new album IS NOT “On the Ground”. That’s a lie. I haven’t even decided yet which title the album will have. Don’t believe what people post on the internet, anyone can do this. When I have the title and the time is right, you will hear it from me first, on this blog.

And no: we haven’t decided the release date of the album. We only have the date of the first single. Next week, we will hold a meeting to decide the last release details. So calm down. The album will come out in 2015, that I can assure you.

There are many rumors, but I made a point of clarifying these questions again, to not let my fans hopeful with the lies that the media likes to post about me.


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